Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day Nineteen & Twenty - Back at it!

I was so tired last night, I forgot to post! Busy busy day at work. I did not get to go down and exercise, I just had too much to do and did not want to have to stay late. So I didn't exercise, and I did not weigh in. I'm surprised he did not come looking for me! I could of very well forgot too, he does that. He is on vacation next week and so I am! My plan is to be at my goal weight on 7/11, our first day back.
I got on the scale today and I am up 5 lbs. I haven't done much this week, ate whatever, drank very little water. Im hoping at least half of that is water weight, and go away quickly. So, I need to lose 13 lbs over the next 10 days....
I got up and went to 8 AM jazzercise, I haven't been in a week. I dropped a weight on my foot which was lovely. I tried to pretend like it didn't hurt and just kept on going. Its not too bad now, just sore to the touch, will probably be a nice bruise. When Im laying around being lazy, eating crap, I hate the thought of having to exercise or eat healthy. But once I get up and do it, it changes my whole outlook on everything. I'm so glad I went this morning. I feel ready to really be back on track, to exercise daily, to count my calories, which I did not do all week either.
Its going to be ok, Im going to make it. Im going to sweat like its my job this week. I have jazzercise, I have an elliptical, I have Wii, I have a pool, so many options out there.
Its 90 degree's and Im heading to the pool now!


  1. I'm the same as you Katie...I hate the idea of doing what I need to at first...then once I do it, everything is ok. You can do it!

  2. I love hearing you sound so positive and upbeat!! That's the soldier I know!!! Keep it up girl!!

  3. You can do anything you set your mind to!!