Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day Twenty One - 21 days

Well they say it takes 21 days to make a habit right? So am I a life long exerciser now? We'll see....
Went to Jazzercise again today at the crack of dawn, will be there again tomorrow to burn some pre BBQ calories.
Apparently when one goes to the pool on a 90 degree day, one must reapply their sunscreen to prevent burning. Yeah, I'm burnt. My back, because I didn't put any on back there, and my shoulders. So it was an indoor day for Katie for the rest of the day today. Maybe I will be pool ready by Tuesday. Since I am off from work this week I plan to spend some good quality time in the pool. Its a nice leisurely second workout. Yesterday I got in and kept walking back and forth for 20 minutes. Took a break, then did another 20 of walking and treading. Then the flock of children showed up and my time was done. I hope its not too crowded during the week. Im not sure what else Im going to do exercise wise, I can only do Jazz Hands so many days in a row. It will be an interesting week, the structure of the work day helps keep me in check. Im going to have to be extra strong!


  1. Fabulous! I can feel the positive attitude jumping off the page! Even if you don't get official exercise in just keep staying busy and active! And walking in the pool is awesome exercise!!! Try this in shallower water. squat down til your up to your shoulders then duck walk and focus on swinging your arms like you would naturally on land! It's an amazing workout with no impact stress! (one of my mom's exercises after hip surgery)

  2. make a time schedule for the week to keep yourself on track. I do that on the weekends. you can schedule yourself nap time too lol