Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day Twenty Five - Tuna

What a day today was. I went to a funeral, got a hair cut and made it to Jazzercise this evening.
I'm tired, that's all I got today.

Well, I guess you may be pleased to know that the funeral lunch was at Maggiano's. I opted to go home and eat tuna. Am I strong or am I strong? As long as the scale keeps moving, it makes it really easy to keep the rock star attitude.

5 more lbs, 4 days left.


  1. Fabulous! That is definitely strong! I told you from day 1 you had an incredible strength inside you. You're pushing yourself past what you thought you could do and you're reaping the rewards you so very rightly deserve! Congrats girl!!!

  2. Of course you are strong and have great determination to keep going. Good job!