Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day Thirty Nine

Its been a very busy week. I’m still here, moving right along. Still going to exercise, still dying on the treadmill on a 9 incline. I have switched up my calories this week, and cant wait to see tomorrow if it is working or not. I have not been on my scale at all! I did take a quick look at Brent’s scale the other day, just too see, and it wasn’t bad. I hope tomorrow’s official weigh in goes well.

This week has been a little tough food wise. I find myself eating too much at night time. I need to be able to mentally close the kitchen after dinner, and stay out! I hope next week is better. Then I will have a true weigh in next Friday if I can stay exactly within my plan all week.

I’m feeling better than I was in the beginning of the week. I hope the scale doesn’t ruin that for me tomorrow. Damn that thing for ruling my life.
Oh, and Brent is finally going to meet with my next Tuesday to figure out a new plan of attack. We will see what he comes up with. I might just carry on doing my own thing if he comes with something crazy.

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