Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day Twenty Four - Swimmingly

Since I wrote my blog earlier than normal I should let you know yesterday ended supremely. After the elliptical I went for a swim, soaked up the sun, drank lots of water and stayed within my calorie goal for the day.
I posted a few days ago that I needed to drop 13 lbs by this upcoming Monday to reach my first goal. I'm happy to report I'm half way there!! Only 6 more pounds to go!! Its probably going to be more difficult the rest of the week, I imagine all the water weight is gone now. But I will keep chugging along. I am now finally back into 'new numbers'. Everything I gained is completely gone and I am now down 2 lbs from my last weigh in with Brent. Saving a post-it update for his scale.

I broke out the Wii today and tried the Gold's Gym Boxing. At first I was like this is so lame, how do people burn calories on this. But once I got away from their little program and broke into the weight loss section I was loving it! I wore my HRM and burned 350 calories in 35 minutes! Not bad if you ask me! I also went to the pool. I walk to the pool, only a few blocks. Then when I get in I walk, swim, tread water, keep moving, for at least 20 minutes. Then I can get out and sun myself. I did that twice yesterday, only once today, it kinda looked like rain.

School tonight, ugh. I really really really dislike this class and this teacher. And because its my very last class ever it makes it so much harder to stay focused. Today is class 4, just 6 more weeks after tonight.

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