Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day Twenty Three - I Keep Going

My first real day of vacation! It doesn't count to me if everyone else in the country is off.

I woke up with one goal in mind, get on the elliptical. I own one, have had it for maybe almost 3 years I think. I bought my home in May of last year, I remember using the elliptical once since living here. Poor Rhonda, yes her name is Rhonda. She talks! She says Hi! My name is Rhonda and I will be your trainer today. I lost her talking program for a while, but she is back now!
Anywho, my goal for the day was to get on it. My plan was to burn at least 500 calories per my HRM, but I REALLY wanted 700 calories. Since I haven't been on it in so long I had no idea how long I would last. Yes, I have been doing all this other crazy stuff, but this is a different exercise using different muscles. I remember my very first time using it at the gym I struggled to make 15 minutes. That was kind of what I was expecting today, even though I wanted that really good calorie burn. To help myself reach that goal I posted on MyFitnessPal. If you have never heard of that site, its kind of like facebook for the health and fitness world, you should check it out!
I posted that I was about to get on the elliptical and wanted at least a 500 calorie burn, ultimate goal 700 calories. I posted this for my friends to see, so I wouldn't quit when it got hard, and I would stick to my goal. Im so smart....

So I'm on, I'm going. Poor Rhonda is screaming for me to get off. I'm over the weight limit and she lets me know with her creaking and groaning. It is in my second bedroom that doesn't have much in it. Nothing to look at, just walls and ceilings to stare at. Second song on my ipod and I'm ready to cry.
"That that dont kill me, can only make me stronger. I need you to hurry up now, cuz I cant wait much longer. I know I got to be right now, cuz I cant get much wronger."
I can cry now, because no one is here, but I dont. I stick to my lip quiver, deep breathing and I suck it up. Thanks Kanye
I keep going.

20 minutes and 300 calories in my foot hurts, like my shoe is too tight or something.
I keep going.

Then it spreads to my leg, each step something is shooting from foot all the way up through my butt.
I keep going.

500 Calories rolls around. Another song pops up at the right time.
"Struggling is just a part of my day, Many obstacles been placed in my way, I know the only reason that I make it through, Is because I never stop believing in you, Some people wonder why we're here in the first place, They can't believe because they ain't never seen your face
But even when you pray, day to day you gotta try, Cant wait for nobody to come down out the sky, You've got to realize that the world's a test, You can only do your best and let him do the rest, You've got your life, you've got your health, So quit procrastinating and push it yourself"
One of my most favorite songs of all time, I've had those words memorized since 1997 and I repeat them often. Thanks Outkast and CeeLo. See, all rap is not crap!
Im ready to cry again, I think its a combo of hurting and being exciting that Im getting it done.
I keep going.

When I first got on the machine I picked a 45 minute weight loss program because I had no idea how long these 500-700 calories would take me.
I keep going

At about 38 minutes in I reach 700 calories. Well who stops with less than 10 minutes left on the program. Not this girl.

45 minutes and 842 calories.
I did not stop, I did not second guess myself. I kept going. I hurt, I kept going. I cried, I kept going. I damn near killed the machine, I kept going. I want to cry now just writing this, its very emotional to me, I'm proud.


What does 842 calories look like?


  1. You go girl!!! Love me a hot sweaty mess!!

  2. Awwww, look at you putting Rhonda through the paces. Great job Katiekins! All of what you're doing is paying off. I use to be able to do an hour. I couldn't do 5 min right now. lol

  3. Katie, you are an inspiration to me! Thank you for helping me get my life back on track:)

  4. woot woot!!! you really did rock it katie! love the look of hard work : )

  5. I'm soo sorry I didn't see this before! Wow! And you worried about not being able to keep working it by yourself! Every time I think of how hard you're working I get a little teary-eyed and I get up and move! Thank you for giving me that inspiration!