Friday, July 8, 2011

Day Twenty Six - 1000

I joined a challenge on MFP, we are on teams rowing about boat around the world! For every 50 calories you burn, it moves your boat 1 mile. Today was a double mile day! So 50 calories is 2 miles. I set off on a mission. A mission to burn 1000 calories, but turns out that would only be 40 miles, so I set a new goal for 50 miles or 1250 calories.
I figured if I just did 842 calories on the elliptical, I could do 1000 calories. I gave Rhonda a pep talk and off I went. I chose that same 45 minute program, and was moving right along. With 20 minutes left I had only burned 400 calories, I need to pick up the pace. I started doing intervals of 30 seconds fast as I can, 30 seconds recovery pace. When the 45 minutes was up I was just over 800 calories. I kept going. You knew that right?
57 minutes, 1002 calories.
There was no crying, no pain, no thinking when the hell can I get off. Just sweat and lots of it.

Then I headed to the pool and swam laps for 30 minutes to top of my day. I ended up with 1485 calories total, 59.4 miles!!!
What a great vacation this has been! I couldn't have asked for more sun, sweat or fun!

You can call me The Greatest, or for short just The Greatest


  1. I'm so thrilled for you! Brent's gonna be blown away next week! You have had an amazing week getting stronger and stronger! Keep kickin butt!

  2. Way to go, Katie!! Keep it up - I know you can do this. I want you to know that I think it's great that you are embarking on this journey NOW, while you are still young. Trust me when I tell you this, another 15/16 years down the road and your options get fewer. I so WISH I had taken care of my weight BEFORE getting to the point where I am now... where exercise outside of a pool is pretty much impossible. My journey is going to have to have a different start - a surgical one. Do it now, Katie... I know you have it in you, girl!!

    Lisa aka Cukiepop