Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day Forty Eight - 4/14

I've never been so happy for the weekend in my entire life. As part of Brent's plan I only have to exercise twice on Saturday and Sunday is my 'rest' day with only one workout! Yay!

I wanted to post last night about my day yesterday, I laid on the couch for just a minute and was out. I tried so hard to get up this morning for 8 AM Jazzercise. I set my alarm for 7. I got up at 6 to go to the bathroom and turned the radio on so I wouldn't fall back into a hard sleep. The alarm went off at 7, and I just couldn't move. I just needed a few more minutes. Then it was 8:00. That's ok, Ill make it to 9:30 Jazzercise, just a few more minutes. Then it was 9:30. I had to drag my ass out of bed. My body is angry. Heavy like a rock, slow and tired. When I finally make it to the living room I discover a crew up of men sawing down and digging up trees with bobcats right out side in my yard. I slept through all that.
Now that it was 10:00 and I missed my opportunity for 'easy' exercise, I hemmed and hawed about getting on the elliptical. I got dressed, put my shoes on then sat there. Took my shoes off, sat there some more. I could not make my ass move! Finally somewhere close to 11, I got on and got moving. Got my hour in, then headed to the pool. Got some sun and some extra calories of swimming in. Came home, took a quick nap and got my second work out in.

I feel like all I do is sweat and shower. This exercise is consuming my life! My house is a disaster of dishes and exercise clothes. Socks, tank tops and sweatpants cover the floor as far as the eye can see. I'm glad there is only one workout tomorrow. I will get up, get it done, then get a handle on the house and laundry. I cant wait for Monday to show Brent what is going on with the scale so he can get off this more is better crap. Its not. But I will do anything to prove a point. Even if I lose nothing, I still think I'm pretty awesome for proving to myself that I can do anything if I try.

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  1. Yes you are! And I feel like crap!! The week I promise to do this with you is the week I flake out! I wish I could say I came even close to keeping up but the honest truth is I made it through 2 days of 3 a day at 30 minutes each. Still better than I was doing before, but I wish I had done more! You truly are Fabulous!