Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day Three - School Daze

I put my shoes on at 7 this morning, I just took them off a bit ago at quarter to 10. Long day. School started today, my very last class I need to finish my Bachelors in Accounting. School has been my downfall and my excuse for a lot of my weight issues for a long time. If you know me, you know Ive been going to college forever! But when you work full time, taking classes at night can be tough. And if you really know me, you know I dont do late night. Im an early to bed kind of girl. Usually in bed between 9-10. And yes, sometimes before that. And yes, sometimes before the sun has set. So working 7-4, then sitting in class from 6-10 is really rough on me.I developed a terrible habit of eating crap before class, then stopping for that amazing 4th meal on the way home too. There is nothing better for your health then stuffing you face at 11pm and going straight to bed with all that sitting in your stomach. Going to bed late leads me to be tired the next day, too lazy to cook/exercise, the cycle goes on. But it has to be different this time. And thank the dear sweet lord that this is my last and final class. I only have to get through 9 more weeks.
How did I do tonight you ask? I came prepared, or so I thought. I brought a healthy dinner with me to work, ate it before class. As soon as I got to that classroom I felt like I was starving! My mind just knows "Ohh act hungry and we will get crap, yeah! party!"  Luckily class seemed to go fast and I made it through. I told myself I would go straight home, eat a piece of string cheese, take a shower, blog, then bed. And that my friends is exactly what I did. I realize that its day 3, and it wont always be that easy, but I really hope it is!

I did exercise today if you're wondering. 60 minutes on the treadmill at a 6 incline. Its a given that I will be tired tomorrow, and it will be my work out with Brent, but Ill make it. Why? Because were committed! Yeah! Who's up past their bedtime and getting nutty? Me!


  1. Keep it up. I too wanted a snack... Had a granola bar. You will succeed. Keep kicking ass! Chris Lysy

  2. GOOD GIRL!!! Great willpower there. I have been kinda going through the same thing somewhat... but my weakness is ice cream... espcially when Im emotional like I have been lately. BUT i have only had 1 skinny cow ice cream sandwich this past week :-)... you can do it girl!!! hang in there and Im really proud of you for staying strong and staying so commited.

  3. The next 9 weeks is going to go by so fast!! And you will be starting to be a different person by then too!! I cant wait to see you :)

    Loved the late night blog teehe

  4. Great job with the string cheese lakat ;-)