Monday, June 20, 2011

Day Eight - Inclined

Monday. Tough time getting up and moving today, but I made it somehow. Brent was eagerly awaiting my appearance at the gym when I arrived. He was ready to kick things up a notch again. He moved me to a 7.5 incline, and also wanted me to increase the speed. Was not very sure at all how I was going to make it on a 7.5 incline. And then increase my speed too? I'm only 5'5, I have little limbs, they dont move very fast. I did my best to keep up. I lowered the speed once my heart rate went into the 170's, but I never touched that incline. And I made it! In fact, when my 40 minutes was up I was at 692 calories burned, I kept going to reach 700.

I started wearing my heart rate monitor to my workouts now so I can know exactly how much I am burning. A lot of people have asked me about walking on such an incline on the treadmill and why he makes me do it. Here is the secret: 40 minutes got me 700 calories burned. 40 minutes of Jazzercise today 470 calories burned. You can easily burn double, or even triple the calories you normally would just by increasing the incline. So slow it down and hike it up people!


  1. Wow, huge difference. You are kick butt FIERCE for being able to do that.