Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day Nine - Jog

Well, you know a Brent workout is going to be an interesting day. Today we did 4 rounds of push ups, squats  romanian dead lifts, kettle bell swings, and reverse crunches. That was enough to have probably anyone sweaty and out of breath. Then there is what Brent likes to call The Finisher. Sometimes we go to the stairs and go from the basement to 5 over and over until we want to die. Sometimes we do a million lunges or wall sits. Sometimes we sprint on the treadmill. Well I don't sprint, Obviously. That is when I lost it last week. Our finisher was on the treadmill on a 15 incline, going way faster than I would like. Today was on the treadmill, jumping jacks, treadmill, burpees, repeat x3.

I start on the treadmill, I set it to a speed where I thought I would be walking fast. I'm not sure what I was really thinking now looking back because I know I was pushed to tears last time at a much lower speed. So he says go, I hop on and I'm moving. And its going way to fast. Suddenly I'm jogging to keep up. WTF I'm jogging! Then its time to switch. I try to do jumping jacks, I'm kinda stepping side to side. Brent is in my face "Jump! Lift your feet off the ground!" This body does not leave the ground, he has a hard time getting that. Then Its back to the treadmill, and there I am jogging again somehow. And a girl shouts out "Good Job Katie!"  I think that made my whole day. I don't know this girl, she has been in my class a few times. But those few words really meant the world to me. I hear it from Brent a lot, but when it comes from other people I think its extra special. They don't have to say anything, they don't have to try to be nice or help me finish strong. But when that one person does, its amazing.
            I finish up the rest of the rounds, still jogging! With all the on/off, its only really a minute or two of jogging. But this 359 pound girl was not walking!!

Yeah, then I cried. I don't really know why this time. I didn't feel pushed like I did last week. I think I was happy, feeling accomplished, of what I just did. I think the build up of emotion gets to me. I work so hard hard I just break mentally, good or bad. I hung out in the hallway trying to get it together, then I headed for the stairs. Yes, I take the stairs back to me desk after all that, every day. Half because its just the right thing to do, half because I'm afraid I smell too bad to get in the elevator.


  1. Oh Katie!! That's so awesome! Jogging?! This is exactly what I was talking about soldier!!!

  2. First off..stairs? You so rock. Second...running? Damn. One word Katie. INSPIRATION. You are mine. Love you!

  3. Awesome job...and jogging?!?!?!?!? Freakin fantastic!

    I have to ask though....do you shower before you go back to work?

  4. You got me tearing up!!! What a great feeling!! You are sooo awesome!!

  5. I love how you're just like me. Thinking WTF? My body doesn't do that! I can't do that. Then you MAKE IT HAPPEN! You let that fierce out and get it done. I can't express how much i'm inspired by you and what you're doing. I also think it would be awesome if Brent took the weight into consideration with things like jumping jacks. We have enough pressure on our joints as it is. Great job baby!