Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 8 - 6 down, just 1 more

Had my first weigh in today since Brent talked some sense into me last week. Down 6 pounds!!! Check out my little runner girl at the bottom of the page! She is moving!!
I get to take some post-its down off my wall too! Did you forget about those? I didn’t. I see them every day. This plan works! I just need to work the plan. The only thing I have really done differently is cut out any extra sugary snacks like the occasional cookie, and I cut back on cheese. Besides that, Im pretty much doing everything the same. Eating a little bit more too! Oh, and a bag of frozen broccoli every night with dinner.
I love riding the weight loss high; it gives me the energy and strength I need to move on.

Today was my Tuesday morning workout with Brent. There was no yakking of any type today. We did some treadmill work, not too fast. Walking lunges, squats with weights, rows, a little bit of boxing and my new favorite, assisted pull ups. That was tough. The first 5 or so, I was like ok this is good, I got this. Then it got hard. Really hard. I struggled to finish the last few of the 15 reps. After some lunges, I did it again. I think I was shaking harder from the pull-ups then I was from the jogging last week. The last 5 were so hard. When I got to 15 Brent said do just 1 more! So I did. Then he said Now just 1 more!! Ugh! He thinks he is funny like that! But I did it. And that’s why I love him, he is always pushing me to do my best and try my hardest.

I just decided while sitting here looking at my shoes, when I get to 20lbs lost, I’m going to buy myself a new pair of gym shoes. That could very well be next week!


  1. Look at you getting results. Super proud of you!

  2. Sometimes one a days are more effective than 3 a days! Hurrah for Katie! Inspiring me to clean up my act...

  3. woot woot! weight loss rocks especially without the puke!

  4. I love the diet ticker at the bottom. How did you add that?